Veronika "Babe" Zajícová (* November 26, 2003 Opava) is a Czech fighter in mixed martial arts. He currently competes in the Real Fight Arena organization. She is the strawweight champion of the Gamma International Mixed Martial Arts Association in the striking discipline. Her other achievements include winning 3rd place at the European Boxing Championship. He trains at the SBG Ireland HQ club in Ireland under the guidance of coach John Kavanagh. He studies at the Secondary Technical School in Krnov

BOX and MMA career

At the beginning of her career, Veronika Zajícová devoted herself to aikido. She was not satisfied with the search for harmony (balance in life, peace, center) in which rivalry and competition, necessary components of sports competitions, have no place.
In 2017, she started attending Box Club Krnov, where she gained her first boxing experience.
In 2018 and 2019, she competed at SÚS Boxing Krnov, where she won her first medal from the national championship.[9] [10] She competed under the Thai Box Rivals organization in 2019 and 2020]. Since 2020, he has been boxing again under the organization Box Club Krnov.
MMA started training at Box Club Krnov. Later, she improved in MMA at Jayman MMA Fighting Systems z.s., where she also started wrestling competitively in amateur matches.
She was subsequently approached by the Irish organization SBG Ireland HQ, where she anchored. This organization prepared her for her first professional fights in her career.
The first match was with Katalin Aranyi from Hungary. On the day of weighing, this exceeded the agreed weight of 55.2 by 2 kilograms. Veronika still accepted the match. And she won 3:0.

Serious injury and return to MMA

10/11/2021 Veronika Zajícová, in Ostrava, was hit by a car at full speed at a pedestrian crossing. The inattentive driver did not pay full attention to driving and therefore missed Veronika. She had a cracked skull, bleeding on the brain, a cracked vertebra and a complicated fracture.
She was hospitalized for a month at the University Hospital in Ostrava Poruba in the ARO department. Immediately after her release, she trained intensively as much as possible so that she could get back into the ring and into the cage as soon as possible. After a few months, she succeeded and on 18.6.2022 she won in Ostrava on the "Day of Fighters". This opened her way to the European Championship.
At the European Championship in Georgia, on 28/09/2022, i.e. approx. 10 months after the accident, she won the MMA discipline Striking.
Other matches, both amateur and professional, follow.

Participation in MISS Czech Republic

On May 7, 2023, Veronika Zajícová took part in the casting for MISS Czech Republic. Here she succeeded and thus became a semi-finalist of MISS Czech Republic for 2023.
She was also placed among the 12 finalists of MISS Czech Republic for 2023

Veronika Zajícová - social work and training of people with disabilities

Veronika Zajícová works in her parents' sheltered workshop as an operations worker. Dedicated to disabled employees.
Veronika Zajícová is the chairwoman of the board of directors of the registered institute Proti barierám z.ú.
The subject of the activity of this institute is:
Provision of social services in accordance with the requirements of Act 108/2006 Coll. about social services.
Creating a community of people with and without disabilities Employing people with disabilities and social disadvantage and supporting their access to the labor market.
In May 2023, Veronika Zajícová challenged Danny Treeman to a duel. And that's because he challenged the blind Dragunov to a cage duel in Clash of the stars. However, since the organizer of the Clash of the Star competition did not agree to the fight on the grounds that he would not allow a match between a man and a woman, Veronika Zajícová decided to support the blind Dragunov by training and preparing him for the match between him and Danny on 10.6.2023

Titles and Achievements

Champion of the Czech Republic 2017 (up to 48 kg) (at the same time awarded as the most technical boxer of the tournament)
Champion of the Czech Republic 2020. (up to 51 kg)
Czech Championship 2022 silver
European Championship 2020 bronze

Czech Championship 2023 Lowkick - gold
Czech Championship 2023 K1 - gold

Czech Championship 2023 NO-GI - gold
Izrael Championship 2023 NO-GI - gold
Izrael Championship 2023 GI - silver

MMA mixed martial arts
In 2022, winning the title of the world organization GAMMA European Champion MMA Championship 2022-Tbilisi-Georgia, B11 Elite striking MMA.

Person of the year 2022
Veronice Zajícová was awarded the sports commission of the city of Krnov with the sportsman of the year 2022 award, and at the same time, Veronika was awarded by public vote, when she won the award of personality of the year 2022.

Sportsman of the year 2022, Moravian-Silesian region
The survey Sportsman of the Moravian-Silesian Region is announced by the Moravian-Silesian Region together with partners - the Moravian-Silesian Regional Organization of the Czech Union of Sport and the All-Sports College of the Moravian-Silesian Region. And Veronice Zajícová was awarded in the "achievement of the year" category.


Loss 1–1 Amina Mukhamed For points RFA 10 May 13, 2023 3 Havířov – Czech Republic The opponent prevailed over the allowed limit
Win 1–0 Katalin Aranyi For points RFA 9 April 22 2023 3 Prievidza – Slovakia The opponent prevailed over the allowed limit

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